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Most of this post is good advice but the pool of men you advise to avoid leaves someone even in their early to mid thirties with a small range of men to choose from, especially if you apply the guideline that the man should be ideally years older than you. I feel excluding men over 40 and divorced men is going to make a difficult task impossible,although I can understand your reasoning. But overall advice appreciated. I will say that the year ideal is less important in your 30s, since men over 30 are more inclined to settle down.

I wouldn't exclude divorced men. Divorce rates are awfully high in the US so a great amount of single men over a certain age are divorced.

However the amount of "serial husbands" is smaller - plenty of second marriages are for life. Men who end up having plenty of marriage throughout life are in minority. I see friends of my parents who got married very young for the wrong reasons and found a new wife late in life, dating in late 20s, and the have remained together.

Thanks so much for the post Andrew! Usually the only place to get this kind of info is via the manosphere, but it comes with the price of being pretty brutal and eventually demoralizing to read. I really appreciate you managing to be candid about this topic in a way that still gives us a ray of hope: And I was waiting for the "Women in Their 30s" edition: I'm 34, so when dating I'm usually thinking as being ideal, but since is the most desirable age group for men and I can't necessarily compete with younger women for the most desirable menthen I look at divorced as being the next best way to use my time wisely.

It was based on something I read that said never married men over 40 are far less likely to marry than divorced men over I wouldn't rule out men between 34 and They are within your grasp. See my comment above at Andrew, someone like you should not have children.

I'd get the tubes cut if I were you because that level of analness and narrow-mindedness would make for a fucked up kid.

None of this stuff is an dating for married uk science, and I guess you're generalizing, but I hope you don't believe what you do with such precision. I would love to see the type of woman you're dating.

Her mom is 2 years older than the dad, and they are perfect. Rather than proclaim that there are exceptions to this "rule" perhaps consider that there's a universe of possibilities, and, particularly in this example, there are a number of possible outcomes. For example, I think you have an older sister. How old is she and is she single?

Would you tell your sister that she should only dates in a 5 year window of ages? Anonymous Feb 17,2: Andrew claims that "yes, there are some exceptions, but you are not one of them," but I just wonder how someone would be able to determine that when they have not met the individuals who they claim are "not one" of the exceptions, and when they do not know of said individuals' situation and circumstances. Please keep the venom to yourself. If you knew it was completely false, you would have simply laughed, navigated to another blog, and forgotten about it.

But something compelled you to make a comment. Look, no one here is arguing that it is actually better for a woman to always date older men.

And no one is claiming that there are absolutely no exceptions to the age "rule. So believe what you want. But at least take away the point that age matters, and try to be honest with yourself about how much.

Let's leave it at that. Not dating in late 20s how credible this is, but it shows the average age of marriage back to Notwithstanding all of that, you can probably tell when screwed up people had screwed up parents. Wouldn't categorize a person in that way, though it sounds like you don't agree with Andrew. Here is another http: I disagree with assigning numbers or at least being strict about the numbers. It's more important to marry the right person than marry out of a statistical obligation.

My mom is a year older than my dad. They got married in their late 20s. One of my best friends is in his early 40s. He is not married. He is unmarried because the woman he wanted to marry had breast cancer and died. I've had two men ask me to marry them at 23 and 26 and I turned both of them down because it didn't feel right.

So my point is that there are generalities, which may be different from reality. Shocking how Anonymous Feb 17,2: While there are always outliers, Andrew addressed this topic in a truthful manner.

Sure, your best friend's neighbor's 34yo sister snagged a tall, dating in late 20s, handsome, single, 35yo doctor who proposed to her after a year, but the odds of you finding that are like hitting the lottery. It wasn't my "best friend's neighbor's 34yo sister snagged a tall, handsome, single, 35yo doctor who proposed to her after a year" but I do know of many other such matches. You don't know me, so you can't possibly come to the conclusion that my "odds of me finding that are like hitting the lottery.

No, I don't know you, nor does anyone else since you posted as "Anonymous". But please, continue to make yourself look foolish and delusional in this case and in your knowledge of outcomes and probabilities and sure you know many other such matches.

It would be one thing if this post was directed specifically to you and your cohort, but it's not. Again, you don't know me, so you can't come to that conclusion. Nor is my viewpoint intended to be harmful. I believe in probabilities to an extent, and I do think it would be a good idea for people to consider them, I just don't believe they should base their whole lives on it, because the probability is not always right.

What kind of woman would spit out words such as "you better tie your tubes because you should not have kids" in the context of an online discussion about relationships? That level of bitterness is hard to find. More reason why we should take our time in getting to know someone. So many build up walls to not confront it, and it actually makes them less attractive. Girls in their early 30s still have some value, but you need to be perfect.

This is a good post. I am 37 and I can tell you that my other guy friends generally don't want women in their mids unless those women are exceptionally attractive. In my mind, dating was so much easier for a woman around my age than it has been for the men, so we automatically assume, rightly or wrongly, that the women our age have slept around and are now only interested in snagging a man for marriage because the quality of man they can sleep around with has decreased their the woman's age.

My friends and I are white collar professionals who spent a lot of time in school and worked like dogs throughout our 20s and into our early 30s. We are now at a place where we make good money, aren't working the way we used to, and would like to find a woman to settle down with.

One of the biggest issues I have with women particularly in their mids is that they have really, really crappy attitudes and almost seem more entitled than younger women. One would think that a woman in her mids would realize that her time is running out and would therefore be on her best behavior and would want to give a man a reason why he should want to be with her, but in my experience this is just not true.

Perhaps these women are used to dating men well out of their league who only use them for sex and that warped their view of what kind dating in late 20s man they "deserve.

A woman in her 30s should be going for a stable man years older. Unless she is exceptionally attractive, most men her age will be able to get a younger and more attractive woman, so she needs to go older. Men also assume that a woman in her mids is more likely to have pregnancy difficulties than a younger woman, so that also makes the mids woman less attractive.

I have noticed that at my age women in their late 20s who meet me are attracted to me, so I personally wouldn't settle for a mids woman unless she was almost perfect and I think that most of my peers feel the same way. No cruising along in the salad years. Very little travel outside of work. I basically worked, took care of my extended family, and stayed fit. I wasn't hitting clubs or chasing tail for ONS and no-strings sex, though I had plenty of opportunities.

For a number of years I was in a LTR that dissolved. But at this point 39I'm self-employed, live well below my means and have a nice retirement portfolio.

I'm looking for a Wife. A concept that seems to be constantly conflated with a "wedding" for the single somethings. And I agree too that part of establishing Wife material is to understand how and why they are single at I've got zero interest in being a "settle-down" dating in late 20s. Help me unwind that view and all is good. I'm shocked at how few women can even imagine that this male perspective exists, let alone are actively engaging in defusing it - that is, if they can.

That is a notion that tends to fall through the cracks a bit in all the advice floating about. We all have to own up to the truth at some point, the results of our actions, decisions. I've had to do it a handful of times, it sucks, but I've just worked too hard and sacrificed too much over the years to take that kind of risk. Yet women I meet too often launch into proving their worth by unknowingly waving all of the red-flags. The message here needs to get out to these women.

I prefer women closer to my age, but I am having an increasingly difficult time holding onto that view. I dating an eastern european girl agree with you regarding "I'm NOT impressed by your world travel. Whenever a woman starts going on about traveling, I automatically assume that she is self-centered, as most of the women I meet who travel a lot really do seem to be very in to themselves.

Perhaps women are impressed by people who travel a lot, but I am not.


According to a new study, when it comes to choosing a sexual partner, men of all ages fantasize about one type of woman: Researchers from Finland surveyed 12, men and women aged 18 to 49 in an attempt to study age preferences in sexual partners. They asked each participant about which age group they were most sexually attracted to during the last 12 months and which age group they actually engaged in sexual activity with.

Just as the researchers hypothesized, the results varied by gender. Women tended to be interested in men who were similar in age or slightly older. Specifically, women in their late teens and twenties prefer male partners who are about four years older, and the age gap preference lessens as women get older. Men tended to be interested in one single age group: This held true even in younger men in their late teens or early twenties.

Researchers argue that both male and female age preferences have roots in evolutionary biology. They hypothesize that women go for older men due to the "resources" they can offer, including the ability to help with offspring: The researchers also believe that men's sexual preference is shaped with offspring in mind; specifically, they are interested in women who are fertile.

What about the researchers' second question, which sought determine if males and females are engaging in sexual activity with partners in their preferred age group? Again, the results differed by gender. This study was recently published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. Sign up for our newsletter here. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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Dec 23,  · Dating is easy if you have yourself put together by your late 20s, you literally get to approach situations knowing that you're a catch on paper and there's nothing to lose or fear. If you have nothing to hide, then it's just a lot of fun and games and more about trying than anything else. Nov 4, - In both your early 20s and late 20s, dating can seem like an adventure It was like you tested each guy to see how far you could push them to. In your teens and 20's, there are guys who want relationships, and guys who want to be casual. they want vah-jayjay! lol! depends on the guy and the point he is in his life, you can't ask a. What Dating Is Like In Your Twenties As told by TV, because how would we know how to feel without these shows?

Holmes Dec 23,  · Dating is easy if you have yourself put together by your late 20s, you literally get to approach situations knowing that you're a catch on paper and there's nothing to lose or fear. If you have nothing to hide, then it's just a lot of fun and games and more about trying than anything else. You don't immediately dish to your friends about a new guy you're dating. First of all, he might just be a two-date blip. Secondly, all your friends are too busy Gchatting you all the wedding dresses they're choosing between.