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Today is the tenth anniversary of the release of Mean Girls. We are republishing this piece from February. Sure, you may have scored highly on Vulture's Mean Girls quote quizbut do you really know everything there is to know about the Tina Fey—penned high school comedy?

With the tenth anniversary of Mean Girls fast approaching this spring, we thought it was high time to rope in its director Mark Waters to separate fact from fiction, clarifying long-held rumors about the movie and dishing on things you'd never even thought to wonder about. Who was originally cast in the movie, and in what roles? Which actors did Paramount want to nix? And what Mean Girls secrets have you likely never noticed? Let Waters who has another teen comedy, Vampire Academ y, opening is amy poehler dating anyone Friday be your guide behind the scenes with these ten juicy stories about the movie.

Lindsay Lohan didn't want to play the lead. Waters and Lohan first worked together on the remake of Freaky Fridayand he knew from the start that he wanted Lohan in Mean Girls This is exactly the part I want to play. It's just not going to work having her play the villain, because she now has an audience that won't accept that. At least I get to have more lines. While Lohan was still planning to play Regina, year-old Rachel McAdams came in to read for Cady, but Waters wasn't quite convinced by her audition.

You just aren't going to be able to play the ingenue. Lindsay kind of got nervous around her, and I thought that, more than anything, was going to be the deciding factor, the fact that she affected Lindsay in that way. She played it in a much more ethereal but still kind of scary way. She was more dating namibia, but oddly, less intimidating.

I think Amanda could play the dumb girl,'" remembered Waters. No, Scarlett Johansson didn't audition for Mean Girls. A rumor persists that Scarlett Johansson also tested for the role of Karen, which Waters disputes. We had four really big actresses test — I'm not going to say who else — and she came in and nailed it, and Owen and I were in love with her.

But then Hurricane Katrina hit and we ended up losing our sets, and we tried to reconfigure it for Toronto and we couldn't do it. The four-way phone call involved some subtle camera tricks. The split-screen sequence where Cady and her frenemies navigate a tricky four-way phone call is one of the most famous scenes in Mean Girls and recently earned a loving re-creation from the unlikely foursome of Ed Sheeran, Amber Go fish dating search, Iggy Azalea and Waka Flocka Flame.

The comic timing in the scene is pitch perfect, but Waters said he had to cheat a little bit to get it.

Your eye goes to the person who's talking, but for the people who aren't talking, unless they're doing some sort of vigorous activity, you won't notice if it goes into slow motion for a little bit. You put it all together and nobody knows.

Paramount was wary of casting Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler. You might think that Tina Fey wrote the roles of Mr. In fact, the studio didn't want either actor in the movie at first. Frankly, he's genius in the movie. It's so fun to watch him play that part. Waters was even higher on Poehler, who was cast as Regina's deliriously deluded mother even though she's only seven years older than her screen daughter McAdams.

Let's fucking get Amy! Amy Poehler also had a hand in the Kevin Gnapoor rap. Though Fey was nominated for a Writers Guild Award for scripting Mean Girls, she let her friend Poehler take over when it came to crafting the talent show rap from mathlete Kevin Gnapoor. And then this Sri Lankan kid comes in and does it, and we were like, 'Okay, we're gonna rewrite it.

He's Kevin Gnapoor now! Though Mean Girls was rated PG for "sexual content, language, and some teen partying ," that was a rating Paramount had to fight for, says Waters. There was the line, 'Amber D'Alessio gave a blow job to a hot dog,' which eventually became 'Amber D'Alessio made out with a hot dog.

That's the thing we found: When you're trying to make a joke obey the rules and not use any bad words, it can actually become seamier, even. The ratings board said, 'We can't give you a PG unless you cut that line, is amy poehler dating anyone. We told them, 'You're only saying this because it's a girl, and she's talking about a part of her anatomy. There's no sexual context whatsoever, and to say this is restrictive to an audience of girls is demeaning to all women.

There's a reason that Waters makes movies about strong women. Waters is a rarity among most male directors in that virtually all of his movies have been centered around female protagonists, and he'll happily discuss how he's been passing the Bechdel Test for ages. No, he's not gay: In fact, he's married to actress Dina Spybey and has two daughters. I was dating a woman who was much older than me, and I brought her home to meet my mother and she said, 'We like her!

First you start directing theater, then you move to San Francisco — we're just surprised it's a woman! It's taken years for Waters to realize how big Mean Girls became. Mean Girls has been a pop culture phenomenon and slumber party staple since its debut inbut that never really hit home for Waters until last year, when several of the young actresses in Vampire Academy told him they'd each watched it dozens of times. And now that his own two daughters are old enough to watch the film, Waters is experiencing Mean Girls in an entirely different way.

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Many of the famous comedians that we know and love have transitioned from standup to mainstream comedy at some point in their career. There seems to be a pattern in the life of a famous comedians as many start out either writing for comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live or doing standup in comedy clubs. Eventually, if they manage to land a role in a movie or get a big break, they shot themselves into stardom and suddenly everyone knows who they are. The comedians that made our list would make any business executive envious of their earrings.

This list contains comedians who are at the beginning of their careers and continue to gain fame as well as comedians who have been working in the industry for decades. Many of the comedians who earn the most are not just performers but also the minds behind successful shows like South Park and The Simpsons. Television is a way many people enjoy escaping from the real world and love losing themselves in hilarious series.

Comedians are some of the most talented and hard working people in Hollywood as they have the difficult task of making audiences laugh. There have been many cases when people have criticized comedians for making jokes too soon after a tragedy. However, most of them manage to make us laugh without raising too many eyebrows. So, have you ever been curious about how much your favorite comedians are worth? She may have only made it big in the past couple of years, but Amy Schumer has been making people laugh since the early s.

She made a big splash with her hit movie Trainwreck in which she was the star and the screenwriter. We all know Kristen from her hilarious movies such as Sausage Party, Ghostbusters, and Bridesmaids as well as from her time on the hit sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Kristen got her start in comedy after acting in an improv group in Los Angeles and sending an audition tape to SNL. She will next tape a step away from comedy to play the super villain Cheetah in the upcoming superhero sequel Wonder Woman 2.

In addition to her improv and sketch comedy credentials, Poehler has had acting roles in films and shows like Mean Girls, Sisters, and Arrested Development. It seems that everyone on the planet has heard of Louis CK.

While he may have only risen to stardom in recent years, CK has been performing standup since the s when he began doing open mic nights. CK now has multiple comedy specials and has appeared in films such as American Hustle.

He also has his own show called Louie. We could not have completed our list of wealthy comedians without mentioning Jack Black. The funny man got his break out role in the movie School of Rock which was so successful that it spawned a Broadway musical version. Jack has also starred in films like Goosebumps and Kung Fu Panda. Chelsea Handler got her start on television on a hidden camera reality show called Girls Behaving Badly.

She continued to get spots on television until she landed her own show called The Chelsea Handler Show. Kathy Griffin recently caused a lot of controversy over a very contentious picture that was released involved the president, which resulted in her losing a hosting job and multiple endorsements.

But before her career took a turn for the worse, she made herself very well-known for poking fun at herself on her show My Life on the D-List.

You may have never heard of Adam McKay since he is usually behind the camera unlike some of the other stars on this list.

McKay actually auditioned to be a cast member of SNL was rejected, we guess he got the last laugh. David Spade has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood as he has been in the business for decades. Most people know Stephen Colbert as the former host of The Colbert Report but the late night host got his start in improv in the group ImprovOlympic. He also briefly worked as a writer for SNL and auditioned but got rejected. In addition, Crystal is an author, a Broadway actor and he has hosted the Oscars eight times.

Whoopi Goldberg has been in the business for many years and got her start on television and broadway. She eventually found her way to working in comedy and branched out into more solemn roles like in the movie adaptation of The Colour Purple.

She acted in comedic roles in movies such as Sister act and voiced one of the hyenas in the Lion King.

Melissa McCarthy made us laugh until we cried with her comedic role in the epic movie Bridesmaids. She got her breakout role playing Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls but has now made her way to the big screen. Tracy Morgan rose to fame after appearing as a cast member on SNL from to Morgan was severely injured in a car accident which took him away from comedy for quite a while but thankfully the funny man is back and better than ever.

Carrey first got his start on the sketch comedy show In Living Color and his career blossomed from there. Carrey is Canadian and the country even issued a postage stamp with his face on it. Robin Williams, who unfortunately passed away in , was one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. He got his big break in the s when he starred in Mork and Mindy.

He gained more fame through his amazing performances in movies such as Mrs. Jeff Dunham is a unique comedian on our list as he performs his routine using the help of ventriloquist puppets. Tina Fey pursued her love for acting in college where she majored in drama. She was hired as a writer and eventually became a cast member.

Though Tina may be known for her hilarious acting performances, she also wrote so movie classics such as Mean Girls, Admission, and Sisters. It seems like in order to be a successful comedian, you need to be on SNL. Chris rock was an SNL cast member in the early s. After Rock was let go from the show, he continued in his comedy career by making guest appearances on the sketch comedy show In Living Color and launching his successful stand up career.

Rock also made it to the big screen and is famous for voicing a character in the Madagascar movies. Yet another Saturday Night Live alumnus, Murphy got his start on the sketch comedy show. He made it to the big screen and starred in films like Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop, and was famously the voice of donkey in Shrek. Murphy showed us how versatile his is as an actor when he acted in serious roles in movies like Dreamgirls and Mr.

Will Ferrell has made us laugh in comedy after comedy. Will Ferrell tried to take a crack at a career in stand up comedy but with little success. He joined the improv group The Groundlings where he developed his acting skills. He joined the cast of SNL in and began his highly successful acting career. Kevin James is best known for his role of the sitcom The King of Queens. Later that year he started his own show called The Jon Stewart Show. Stewart was the star of The Daily Show for seventeen years.

Stewart is also a published author and is working on new upcoming projects. Ricky Gervais is a British comedian and gained fame through his television series The Office that he wrote and was aired on the BBC before it was remade in the United States. Gervais is well-known in America for hosting the Golden Globes three times.

He made quite the impression on audiences with his controversial jokes that poked fun at celebrities. Many be surprised to know that they late night talk show host is basically a genius as he was the valedictorian of his graduating class at Harvard University and he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in history and literature.

He eventually got his own show and replaced Late Night host David Letterman until he very publicly switched networks. If anyone wants to discuss famous American comedians, they can not leave out the legendary Mel Brooks. Brooks has received acclaim for his work and is the winner of a Tony, Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy award. The comedian is not afraid of risking his life and reputation the shoot a funny scene undercover and has kept us laughing for years as a result.

The country of Kazakhstan even threatened to sue Baron Cohen over the hit film Borat. Lawrence got his start in comedy after performing at the famous comedy club in New York City, The Improv. Bad Boys 3 is due to be released in early and Martin Lawrence will star in the film.

Kevin Hart got his breakout role in the sitcom Undeclared which was created by producer and director Judd Apatow. Although he might be best known for saying the wrong name at the Miss Universe Pageant, Steve Harvey is an accomplished television host, comedian, and actor. If that is not enough, Harvey is also an author and has won multiple awards including a Daytime Emmy.

Ray Romano gained fame with his long running sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Romano got his start doing standup comedy but eventually transitioned into the world of TV and film. He also appeared in the shows Men of a Certain Age and Parenthood. Rowan Atkinson is the man behind the famous character Mr.

Bean and he is known for his physical comedy. The British comedian has also made appearances on the live stage as he has appeared in the comedy show The Nerd and the musical Oliver!. Steve Martin has been in the comedy business for decades and began his career while he was in college. He performed stand up at clubs in Los Angeles and he eventually dropped out of school to pursue his acting career.

He also had the honor of hosting SNL 15 times. Another Canadian Comedian, Dan Aykroyd got his start as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and starred as notable character such as the father in the Conehead family and one of the Blues Brothers. Drew Carey started his career as a standup comedian before he began getting supporting roles on television shows.

He eventually starred in his own show called The Drew Carey Show which ran for an impressive nine years. Seth MacFarlane is famously the creator of the animated comedy show Family Guy.

Since his success with his own shows Family Guy and American Dad, MacFarlane has gone onto produce, act and direct and voiced the character of Ted in the movies Ted and Ted 2. Ellen has come a long way since her start as a stand up comedian. She gained recognition in the s after she starred in her own sitcom called Ellen.

We all know how the rest of the story goes. Jay Leno got his start in standup and eventually gained so much notoriety that he began to substitute for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Leno is enjoying his retirement and makes the odd appearance such as in the movie Ted and The Muppets.


In this side-splitting memoir, the former Saturday Night Live star recounts the hilarious adventures and unexpected joy of dating and becoming a mother when she least expected it-at the age of forty-four. Anyone who saw an episode of Saturday Night Live between and knows Rachel Dratch. She. Modern Romance [Aziz Ansari, Eric Klinenberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The #1 New York Times Bestseller A hilarious, thoughtful, and in-depth exploration of the pleasures and perils of modern romance from Aziz Ansari. Paramount was wary of casting Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler. You might think that Tina Fey wrote the roles of Mr. Duvall and Mrs. George with her Saturday Night Live castmates Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler in mind, but that wasn't the case, said Waters: In fact, the studio didn't want either actor in the movie at first.

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