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Masculine men who have squarish jaw lines, deep voices, bulging muscles and aggressive attitude may think that they can get the best women but feminine men tend to get more women. Of course, masculine men are surely attractive to beautiful women but still, feminine men tend to come across as approachable and understanding. Why Men Love Curvy Women? When it comes to a long-term relationship, looks take the back seat and several other qualities become the first priority. So, here are the reasons why women get attracted to feminine men.

Studies suggest that women who have been raised by a very dominant father may get intimidated in the company of a manly man. Such women prefer a sensitive guy who is not harsh or scary. They can easily relate to the emotions of women and that starts a connect faster. Manly men do not come across as empathetic or compassionate.

Women can find so dating a feminine guy things in common when they start a conversation with a feminine man. Also, manly men brag a lot about themselves whereas feminine men care to listen more and speak less, dating a feminine guy. The best part is that feminine guys are peaceful, calm and soft.

They don't carry an aggressive or a violent side that masculine guys sport. When women cry, feminine guys can be understanding and consoling. Masculine guys get irritated when they see women crying. Most of the masculine guys try new dating rules show off their strength and stamina in bed and often end up quenching their own desire and without caring about satisfying the woman.

But feminine men are slow and careful in bed. They ensure that they are not too harsh and hurting. A recent survey claimed that majority of women prefer men with slightly feminine faces. Of course, a percentage of beautiful women generally get attracted to men with masculine faces square jaw but the majority tend to get attracted to feminine guys or guys with feminine faces.

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So this guy I am dating is great. He is a little feminine. For example, he crosses his legs when he sits. He says he has gay friends, female friends, straight friends, but has never been attracted to a guy. He said he had no reason to lie about it, Because he is completely tolerant of homosexuality but just isn't gay.

He is a beautiful man, and because he is a tad bit feminine in actions he gets hit on by men all the time. I have an incredible connection with this guy Any women ever dated slightly feminine men? I think he just needs a group of manly guys to hang out with. We humans are great at adopting to all kinds of environments and our brain even picks up things from people we hang out with so that we fit more in.

Its something that most of us do without realizing Some people can't do it at all and makes them feel like they don't belong and and stuff. If your man socialize a lot with homosexuals and girls it would explain it.

So if you have friends that play basketball or do manly stuff you should nudge him to hang out with them a little bit. It would balance him out so that he has a bit of both worlds lol. For sometime I had enough of my male friends and decided to only hang with girls, to understand them better and to just see how it was.

With time I noticed that I started doing somethings and worrying about somethings that I never did before. So I have little bit of experience with that. If he does hang with manly guys for a few months and he doesn't change a little bit in the details then maybe its just his natural self and if you don't like it you don't like it.

No point in making him something he naturally isn't,. Many educated men crosses their legs, so do I not that I'm that educated, couple months till I'm done with college so.. The dude is not gay if he says he isn't so people saying he is gay are just ignorant fools. Its doesn't make any difference you hang out with. We are born who we are sexually attracted to.

And it is completely different as to how we act. Which also born in us. If you really like the guy and have the opportunity to be with him, the do so. It's really that simple, but then again I'm a guy so I guess I don't really understand how this kind of thing could get in the way.

I can see him being feminine as a turn off or something that would increase your chance of not connecting with him, but since you have already connected with him then I really don't see the problem. That's just me, though. If your not than you may not be right for each other. I frankly don't understand what's stopping you here. Don't pass up a good thing due to close-mindedness about "how a man should be". Should you date him? Things you should consider would be.

The females in his life are important to him, he will connect with woman easily and continue to do so. I can go shopping with my wife. And can pick out clothes for any woman. I can decorate any home.

I can clean the house. I can do the laundry. I can talk to women about women things. I don't like to play sports. I don't like to hunt. I'm ONLY sexually attracted females. NEVER sexually attracted males. I hang out with "regular" guys that play sports and hunt.. It doesn't make any different who you are around most. I have had lots of women attracted to me. You can have a best friend and sex partner together. My wife thinks it is great. Somebody get this fruit a feather boa and a village people cd.

According to modern theories of attraction women are attracted to men for a mix of genetic benefits and resource benefits. Clearly you are less attracted to him physically because of his less masculine nature.

What does he do for a living? I am actually very very attracted to him. I guess I just kinda cared what other thought a little. He is not feminine to the ponit were he seems less manly, just the leg crossing thing.

How can a guy cross his legs and find that comfortable? My nut sack gets cramped. Anyways why not if he's straight. I used to have a crush on a guy that had slightly feminine mannerisms but then I started wondering if he was secretly bisexual. I don't know I prefer manly men. How's it gay for a guy to hang out with a gay guy? I will say this, there can be a straight guy who has some pretty blatant feminine qualities, and at the same time there can be a gay guy who can have very manly qualities.

Which when you think about it like this, then the feminine straight guy would probably get along with women better as just friends, while the manly gay guy would more than likely get along with manly straight guys better as just friends. I'm not saying that means he's gay, but I don't know straight guys who hang out with known gay guys. And there are plenty of gay men who are manly, but I just don't know straight guys who would hang out with a guy they knew was gay.

I'm a straight guy and one of my best friends is a gay guy. It's not like he's trying to fuck me, it literally doesn't matter. Nope he really sounds on the down low, that's probably why other gay men ask him. Like that would really be saying something. And to go into emphasis about not needing to lie about not being gay sounds a little suspicious any other man even with feminine tendancies would've just left it at no and not an indepth discussion.

Like I know my dad has feminine tendancies but not to that extent. Like there's Metro and then there's on the low But maybe just play it a little farther and gather your opinion. Some don't have to be though. And you made it sound like his answer was indepth about not being gay like I have both gay and non gay guy friends and usually it's a straight yes or no.

Like you're asking for peoples opinions and we're giving them to you. I'm just speaking and incorporating from my experience. But ga head try asking him again and see if he gets upset.

If he doesn't get upset then most likely he might not be. I don't see a problem with it if you like each other, i don't get why this seems so hard to understand. Id appreciat a guy for being himself and not tell him what he is or isn't, thats idiotic.

Like telling someone a pumpkin is an apple just because there similar in a way dosnt make it the same. My opinion is to stay with him and see where it goes if he's as great a guy as you say dosnt it seem silly to think of leaving him for that? I haven't dated one but I worked with a guy that everyone thought was gay but he wasn't. I loved talking to him though. He would give honest answers for my clothes, hair, makeup, etc He dressed nice but not too gay but his mannerisms were really gay.

I don't think I could have dated him he was also married with 2 kids even if he wasn't married. But I did like him a lot. I just don't think I could do the feminine guy thing.

It depends on your tolerance for feminine tendencies. I dated this guy who sounded like the guy you described and a couple times when we went out people would come up and ask him if he was gay. To which he politely said he wasn't. He was nice but a little too feminine for me to the point where I felt like the guy! We decided to just stay friends, Then a year later he got into a relationship with a new girl and they've been together for 2 years!

So it depends on you, if you think you can tolerate his feminine side then absolutely go for it!


Which when you think about it like this, then the feminine straight guy would probably get along with women better as just friends, while the manly gay guy would more than likely get along with manly straight guys better as just friends. Dating feminine men is just a little bit different than dating masculine men. Not sure what to expect? No problem! Just check out the following nine things that give you insight to what dating a feminine man is really like! You’ll Always Look On Fleek; Feminine men do their best to follow fashion trends or at least look good most of the time. Dating a feminine gay guy: Creamsicle You seem well adjusted and very content with yourself. I am a straight woman with a gay best friend and no boyfriend, and seriously!

Marshman If that is the case, maybe you should broaden your horizons and open up your appetite to a whole other fare: feminine men. What is a feminine man? The feminine man is a different breed of man that you can more often find in . » Do Women Like Dating A Feminine Man? Do Women Get Attracted To Feminine Guys? Do Women Like Dating A Feminine Man? Do Women Get Attracted To Feminine .