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Interim County Manager Billy Becket told commissioners last week the reason for the extension of the current agreement is not because of working relations between the two entities, but because a lengthy, detailed discussion on how the county and city will handle water and sewer projects in the future needs to be ironed out before a new agreement can be reached.

City manager Russell Thompson updated the city council, the week prior, on the agreement, and said the city has scenarios that deal with water and sewer issues. One situation in particular involves the city providing services for sewage for a residence while water is being provided by the county. Other water and sewer situations deal with potentially annexing areas of the county into the city for water and sewer services.

The current service delivery strategy agreement expires June 30, Both entities have agreed to extend the current agreement until October If the extension was not inked by the end of June, both the city and county risked losing its qualified local government status.

If that were to happen both entities would not be eligible or could possible lose state grants. The extension will not change anything with the current agreement. Negotiations over the one percent sales tax and the joint projects master agreement service of delivery strategy were voted unanimously by each governing authority to finalize the deal.

Thankfully for the taxpaying citizens of the community, the extension worked and the deal was able to be completed. It was agreed that the percentages remain the same as they had been since it began in Upson County receives 55 percent of the revenue that is collected by the one percent sales tax, the city of Thomaston receives 43 percent and Yatesville receives two percent.

The percentages can be renegotiated every 10 years after a census is performed. The largest hurdle the two entities had to overcome was the Master Agreement for the Service of Delivery for joint projects. There are 11 joint projects between the two entities. How each government entity would split the payment for the services, which would pay for each service, and how the two governments would renegotiate future joint projects are included in the agreement.

How much each owes for joint projects is determined by the percentage of the net ad valorem tax digest for Upson County. Based on the current tax digest the county is responsible for 63 percent and the city is responsible for 37 percent. If, or when the tax digest changes, the percentages would also change between the two entities. In order to adhere to state law each government established a special taxing district and levy a millage rate for general operations and taxes for joint projects.

He is also seeking support from local legislators. Edwards contends that a study conducted by the state indicates that the four judges serving the local circuit, including Edwards, Fletcher Sams, Scott Ballard and Mac Crawford, are doing the workload of 5. Chairman of the Upson County Commissioners Norman Allen said the county was unaware of a study conducted by the state until it was released Monday.

Currently there are four superior court judges serving the circuit, which includes Fayette, Spalding, Upson and Pike Counties. Edwards is seeking support from local authorities and legislators to apply for and add a fifth judge to the circuit. We will need some time to process it to see if we support it or not. It could mean a substantial increase to our budget. Crawford has been and is still being paid his full salary during the investigation. Edwards press release states: Edwards has announced that Fayette, Spalding, Pike, and Upson counties have adequate case count as determined by the State to apply for a fifth Superior Court judgeship.

A caseload study conducted by the State shows that the four judges of the circuit are doing the work of 5. If approved, the legislature can create the fifth judgeship in its legislative session, hopefully for an added judge to start work January 1, The seat was previously held by incumbent Ralph Ellington, who died three days before the election.

Jones defeated Ellington in the May 22 Georgia Primary to officially win the seat. State law does not allow an individual to hold a seat on another commission while serving as a county commissioner.

Jones will officially serve as interim District 3 commissioner until the end of the year. His four-year term will begin Jan. Jones and his wife Sandra have three children, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Each state division leader provided information on how their department could be a resource in economic development efforts. To be able to exchange information with community leaders will ultimately allow us to better support one another on future economic development projects and initiatives.

Upson County has a lot to be proud of. Leadership is key to a successful economy and community - and, you all are very fortunate to have dynamic leaders and economic developers who work hand in hand for the betterment of its citizens. Several questions were asked by the community leaders on what we could improve on to make our county more marketable.

State personnel was very positive on current activities but also provided resources on helpful workforce studies, how to enhance available acreage in industrial parks and the need for regional efforts in rural communities. The new law prohibits drivers from having a phone or stand-alone electronic device in their hand or touching any part of their body while operating a motor vehicle on the road.

Drivers can also use GPS and navigational devices via hands-free methods. When activated, this feature detects when a phone is moving and notifies the sender of a message or a phone call that the person they are trying to reach is driving and will contact them once the driver has reached their destination. The use of voice-to-text technology is allowed.

The hands-free law also prohibits drivers from watching videos as well as recording videos, though GPS navigational videos and continuously running dash cams are permitted. Drivers can listen to music through streaming apps on their phone, but they cannot activate their apps or change music through their phone while driving.

However, we do caution motorists that music streaming apps that also have video are not allowed since the law specifically prohibits drivers from watching videos. Many officers will be issuing warnings for violations in the first months of the law as part of the education effort, but citations can and will be issued starting July 1 where officers believe they are warranted, especially those violations that involve traffic crashes.

Chairman Norman Allen relayed to commissioners that the county was recently contacted by Georgia Department of Transportation officials about the bridge replacement.

Upson was first notified of the potential project in March The amount from the county is an estimated 50 percent of the projected cost for the purchase of right of way at the site. Commissioners unanimously approved the funding from the county Wednesday, June 6 during a called meeting at the Government Complex.

As part of the program, the GDOT will provide preliminary engineering, construction and half of the right of way costs. The other half of the right of way cost falls with Upson County. Commissioners approved to give consent to partner with the DOT for the project in The DOT will acquire the necessary right of way for construction on the project.

Commissioners did not state when construction on the bridge would begin. Cattle are raised in all counties in Georgia. The feasibility study will help us understand if we are on track. He also threatened to cut all future grants if the city does not agree to preserve the triangle property and Park Drive located across the street from the park.

We view this property as an extension of the Greatest Generation Memorial Park, and it should be protected from strip development. We feel that the sale of this tract of donated property sets a dangerous precedent and could lead to the sale of other donated land within the protected gateway entrance.

This triangle is part of the original planned entrance to historic Silvertown, and we feel strongly that it should continue to be zoned R-1 and not sold to a developer. Since the current developer has cancelled his offer, this would be an excellent time to reconsider the sale of the triangle property.

We are ceasing any further donations to this project until this matter can be resolved. No reason was given by the council on its decision to not sell the land during the meeting. Following the meeting in March, the Beacon was informed that the lot was going to be the site of a new Chic-Fil-A.

Originally the triangle was deeded to the city around by B. Goodrich though a land purchase deal between the city and B. The deal was a three phase plan. A total of 21 acres would be sold. The area included the 9. The tennis court area, surrounding island tracts, Silvertown Ball Park and other road frontage properties were donated as part of the deal.

In return, the final phase involved BF Goodrich receiving acres to be rezoned for the development of those tracts. A developer approached the city in August about purchasing the property. Then the land was put out for bid following Georgia law regulations which stipulate the procedure by which a municipality may sell property. Negotiations between the developer and city hall continued over the next two months, but in February the council rejected the half a million bid citing non-conforming issues with specific terms and conditions in the packet.

It was agreed, at that time, to rebid the property with certain specifications readjusted for the development of the land. Negotiations continued between the developer and the city until the first of March, when the council voted to not sell the land.

City Hall received push back on selling the land from a group of concerned citizens who wanted the space left alone. Arguments against selling the land began earlier this year, before it was known what restaurant would be located at the site. It was a heated debate between Friends of the Silvertown Triangle trying to save it and others who thought the triangle should be sold.

Leaders with the Friends of the Silvertown Triangle group argued that the land was donated by B. Goodrich for recreation purposes and should remain green space. Kay Hightower, who was on the committee formed in the early s to help with the land becoming publicly owned, has stated the sale of the property violated the intent of the gift from BF Goodrich and that the triangle served as an entranceway into historic Silvertown.

Petitions for the sale and against the sale were also presented to the city council. The sale of the property was to be contingent on closing Park Drive and rezoning of the property to either the C-1 or C-2 zoning. Certain stipulations were set for in the bid packet to protect Silvertown and residents living around the area. More than Upson Lee Class of students participated in the commencement ceremony this past Friday.

Despite the weather report, the rain held off so graduation could be held at Matthews Field. In keeping with tradition, students, along with Bayleigh Sinclair Jackson the valedictorian and Leah Paige Colligan salutatorian reflected on the past, their milestone achievement, and the future. They also took time to thank their teachers, administrators and parents. Photo compliments of Upson-Lee High School.

See highlights in the edition of the Upson Beacon.


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